Welcome to the Family.

La Familia is a virtual agency for PR and Brand Communication. We help brands to build trust – because that’s what it comes down to when you want to be successful in the long term. The same is true for us. That’s why we think it’s time for a new type of agency where you get what you need most - expertise and results. La Familia stands for a new way of working: collaborative, efficient, virtual and respectful.

Virtual Agency​:
No office. No overhead. No nonsense. ​

​We help our clients to build trust by telling and sharing a brand’s real story. To be successful with that in an ever and fast changing world we had to overcome old structures in the communication world.

Instead of silo thinking, territorial behavior, vanity fair and other classical agency working ways, we collaborate across all disciplines, locations and organizational levels within and without La Familia.

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Happy People

All members  of La Familia have different backgrounds and are experts in various fields. What unites us, is the belief in a world where our work makes us and our clients happy.

Does that sound like people you want to work with?

Meet our team

Real Results: Our Services

To build trust you have to be honest about yourself. We serve Brands by helping them to tell their real story. Together we create real and tangible outcomes. We help clients with all needs around their brand.

We support our clients from Strategy to Campaign, from Research to Execution and from Brand Building to Brand Relaunch.

We help with live and online events. We also manage print and social media relations.

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We help form your brand strategy and communication strategy, along with campaigning and concept creating.

Public Relations

We manage all your Public Relations; such as Media Relations, Social Media, internal and external communications.


We can support you along all stages of Brand Strategy and Brand Building as well as Brand Communication and Brand Management.


We create the content and format your story needs for a full  360° Communication, from website development via edited content to live-communications.

Clients we work with

One of the best things for us at La Familia is that we really like our clients and their story. That's why we designed a working environment at La Familia that centers around our values: fairness, respect and appreciation. We strive to treat every member and client of La Familia this way.
Because of that we can create the best results for our clients. That makes us and our clients happy. Ask them!

Public Relations, Social Media, Content Creation, Web Design

Genuine connects Western Brands with the eCommerce ecosystem in China. We support them with all Public Relations Consulting and Operational Services, such as Media Relation, Social Media Relations, Copywriting, Webdesign and Live Communication. We like telling their story to the public because Genuine is like La Familia a bridge builder between Asia and the West.

Public Relations, Media Relation, Content Creation, Web Design, SEO

Borgward is a German brand with a very strong heritage. Today it stands for Luxus Fashion and Design around the Designer Petra Borgward. We at La Familia support her telling the story of her brand and the values behind it. We love her approach of changing the fashion sector. We helped from communication strategy to media relations and social media relations.

Atelier I-N-D-J
Public Relations, Content Creation, Social Media

The Shanghai and Auckland based Atelier I-N-D-J is an award winning Design Studio. We love to tell their stories about connecting things like Art and Innovation, China and the West or Wintersports and Shopping Malls. They trusted us with their communication strategy as well as the management of their International Media Relations and Social Media Relations.