How can we be happy with our work?​

This question is the origin of La Familia. We all knew from our former positions in agencies and corporations the answer is not money alone. We charge fair prices for good results.

We also know that happiness at work has a lot to do with the company culture. That’s why we designed a working environment at La Familia that centers around our values: fairness, respect and appreciation. We strive to treat every member and partner of La Familia this way, as well as our clients.

We believe that the content and results of our work have a great impact on our happiness. We also want our clients to be impressed with the great results we deliver. Because of that we at la Familia specialize in specific focus ares.

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Focus Areas
Family & Work

We help to spread the word about the needs of working parents and the advantages our economy and society could gain by being family-oriented.

Bridge Building

We are bridge builders at our heart. We connect Asia and the West, the digital and real world, old economy and Start-Ups, eCommerce and offline retail. ​

Education & Learning

We help our clients within the educational sector to communicate successfully within their organization and to all outside stakeholders. Because education is the key to a better future.

Tourism & Sustainabilty

We love traveling. That’s why we want to help to change the way people travel: thoughtfully, sustainably, responsibly.

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